Practical Information Flames Summer School 2022

This year the FLAMES Summer School takes place at the University of Antwerp from 5 until 16 September 2022. When selecting the modules, please keep in mind that:

  • you cannot subscribe for overlapping modules;
  • Some modules contain practical sessions in R or SPSS. You choose one software package. Once you make a choice, this applies to all the modules that you want to subscribe for. Example: if you choose SPSS for “Module 01 Basic Parametric Statistics”, it is not possible to subscribe for “Module 10 Factor Analysis”.
  • you can only subscribe for the preliminary module ‘Introduction to R’ if you follow at least one module in the Flames Summer School that uses R.


The following pricing applies for the modules of the Flames Summer School:

Module fee
Phd and Postdoc* €150,00
Other academics €150,00/6 hours, e.g. 12h course = €150,00 * 2 = €300,00
Non-profit/social sector €150,00/6 hours +10% service fee, e.g. 12h course = (€150,00 * 2) + 10% = €330,00
Private sector €400,00/6 hours +10% service fee, e.g. 12h course = (€400,00 * 2) +10% = €880,00

*There are a limited amount of free spaces available for students of KU Leuven, Hasselt University, University of Antwerp and Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Students of Ghent University can get reimbursed afterwards by their doctoral schools, but it’s recommended to check the procedure at the Ghent DS beforehand.

As long as such places are available, the price of the tickets will be recalculated in the shopping cart.

If there are no free spaces left, you will be able to choose between the waiting list or paying for the tickets yourself. If you choose to be added to the waiting list, your ticket will not be booked untill another free space becomes available.

During the summer school, you will receive a certificate of payment.


Some courses will be offered online, whereas other courses will be organised on campus. Please check carefully whether your course is online or live on campus. There is no hybrid teaching. We will provide rooms if you combine both an online course and an on campus course in one day. In case the covid situation worsens, all courses will be offered online.

Certificates and No show policy

Only by fully completing the module, you will receive an attendance certificate. The certificates are valid for the minimal requirements in the Flemish doctoral schools. If you fail to follow the complete course, you might not get a certificate. Since these courses are in high demand, please check beforehand if you can follow the course completely.

If you fail to cancel on time and you don’t attend the course, we will apply the following policy.

Any cancellation made less than two weeks before the start of the course can be seen as a violation of our policy.


University of Antwerp, campus Groenenborger.

Courses will take place in building gS, gT, gV, gUS and gU on the campus Groenenborger of UAntwerp. Here is a map of the campus Groenenborger.

How to get there

Find out how to get to the campus Groenenborger of UAntwerp by train, bus, metro, bicycle, boat or car.

Smart ways to Antwerp:


The organization does not arrange lodging for you, but collaborates with Antwerp Convention Bureau (ACB), providing a 10% discount for attendees of a convention in Antwerp. Upon registration for the FSS2022, you are given a discount code. Make sure to have this discount code ready upon booking a hotel.

How to book a hotel (please follow the steps in the right order)

  • Go to the online booking tool
  • First enter the discount code you obtained upon registration, and click on ‘Validate’
  • Then enter the arrival and departure dates and click on ‘Search’
  • You’ll see an overview of all available hotels and their Best Available Rate -10%, at that moment, including any cancellation conditions
  • Choose a hotel and book your room


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